: Ricardo Brito

Object H - The Hour of the House
Ricardo Brito is a Portuguese artist based in Portugal working between Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon and Porto. The artist made 2 months residence in Hotel25 where he capture more then 24 hours of film having the objective of creating a new piece for his project called “Genoma”. After 6 months of post production Ricardo presented his film "Object H - The Hour of the House" at Hotel25.

“There are five states of house: soul, body, home, city and nature / earth / space. An idea of an area bounded by a collective identity, which inhabits a cocoon, an extension of our soul, a place of support, an hotel, a number of a door, a door for the reflection and evasion. We have such relationship so deeply internalized that people live it like real again, here we can reach this state of suspension, meditation, the house of the soul. All the houses are treated the same way as the body is, washed, fed, a skin of protected memory. All the people gathered in a city have the same relationship that the ideas have in the soul, or the soul with the body and its organs, may the city regenerate, so it is again inhabited.

In Berlin we have the city’s death and the birth of a new city, Berlin is not Germany. In Berlin we started at Time Zero.”
Ricardo Brito